Shipping a car From USA

Covering all major West Coast and East Coast Ports as well as Gulf Ports to the UK

Saloon cars, Sedans, 4 x 4s, SUVs, Trucks and POV vehicle shipping

If you are considering shipping a car from USA, we offer competitive Roll on/Roll Off (Ro / Ro) car shipping services from the USA to UK, in most cases on a weekly basis.

We can arrange and co-ordinate US Customs Export clearance and also collection with the USA.

The vessels are all purpose built Car and Truck carrying vessels, specifically designed and operated to give the maximum flexibility and capability for the various vehicles and other heavy cargoes.

Your vehicle or other cargo will be fully protected from the elements whilst on board the vessel.

Ro / Ro off vessels operate from the following ports to the UK Tacoma, Long Beach, Galveston, Jacksonville, Brunswick GA, Charleston, Baltimore, New York and Newark.

We are also able to offer a shared container service from the USA West Coast and New York, which is especially competitive for vehicles coming from the West Coast USA

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Shipping a car From USA