Cheap Car Shipping to Lagos Nigeria

Saloon Cars, 4x4's, Trucks, Caravans, Lorries, Vans, Boats

If you are looking for cheap car shipping to Lagos, Nigeria or anywhere else in western Africa, we offer a competitive Roll on /  Roll off Service (Ro/Ro) on a weekly basis from the UK with a transit time of around 14-18 days on the water.

The Ro/Ro Pure Car Carrier service is the most competitive way of shipping your vehicle to Lagos, Nigeria.

The vessels used are purpose built Car Carrying Vessels. Vehicles are secure inside the vessel and protected from the elements.

Vehicles are driven directly on to the vessel in the UK and stay on board ship until being driven off at Lagos, Nigeria.

We can arrange all Customs Export Documentation for you and also arrange Collection within the UK if required.

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Cheap Car Shipping to Lagos Nigeria